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Fantasy Camp

June 9-12, 2022

Hey Everyone,

It was amazing to see some of you at the Golf Outing last week. Felt like a great primer for Fantasy Camp 2021! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how Fantasy will work so we wanted to lay it out here and put everything on the table for you:

Overall Considerations

Please remember one thing as we are going through how it will all work: our main focus this summer is a full and healthy summer for our actual campers for 8-weeks during the season. We are having Fantasy because we think we can do it safely and we think it’s important for us to share this time together. 


Every Fantasy camper has to be fully vaccinated in order to attend this year. This means that you are 2-weeks clear of the second dose of Pfizer/Moderna, or 2-weeks clear of the one-dose Johnson and Johnson vaccine. If you are not vaccinated or cannot get vaccinated (for medical reasons or otherwise) please reach out so we can talk about a testing protocol that could work for you, though, to be up front, this might be the year for you to skip FC. 

Adjustments from the Norm

Support Staff: Most of our staff will be fully vaccinated by the time fantasy rolls around. However, there will be a number of them that have not been able to yet (i.e. key staff from other countries). So, please keep your distance from our staff at all times. If you find yourself sharing a space with any CM staff members (i.e at the buffet line), please wear a mask. We kindly ask you to have a mask on you at all times. 

Staff Participating in FC: We have a number of 2021 counselors that will be Fantasy camp participants this year. We are instructing them to wear masks during all Fantasy camp activities, and we ask that if you are going to be in a close physical space with them, please wear a mask as well. If you feel the need to share space with them, please do so outside, at least 6ft apart. 

Indoor Spaces: The office and lodge will be closed to Fantasy campers. If you need to do work while you are at camp, please bring a wifi hotspot and do so at our outdoor picnic table village/mess hall located at the canteen. You may also use the actual mess hall if our staff are not working in that space. 

Meals: Our plan is to eat all meals outside on our new picnic tables in the canteen area. We will have a whole outdoor mess hall set up. If we have to go inside, we’ll let you know what our protocols are when you get to camp. 

Cabin Assignments: Please tell us ahead of Fantasy camp who you will be sharing a cabin with. We are not comfortable pairing people up in cabins without your guidance. If you are signing up solo, please let me know so we can figure out the best accommodations. 

Trips Out of Camp

We know this is on everyone’s mind, so it needs its own category. The goal/idea is that we keep all of our direct interactions to one another, and not have any close contact with the local community. 

What does that mean for us?Please avoid bars, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. We know the CDC came out with new guidance saying that a group of vaccinated people can go sit outside at a restaurant. We’d like it if for the 3 days we are up at camp, we avoid this as it involves going inside to use the restroom and close contact with the local community. 

What are you suggesting instead? You could order food, pick it up, and bring it back to camp! We also suggest shopping before you come or send us a list and we’ll do it for you!

Not even Pitliks?!?!? We’ll stay outside! We’ll make you a deal: call in and order any drinks/food you want, and we’ll drive the boat over to pick it up and bring it back to camp. We’ll bring Pitliks to you. Last year during cabin rentals they did full to go service for us and we brought it back. 

One of our ideas was to try and turn the canteen into a bar/snack area for non-mealtime hang outs. What will we call it? Gene’s Canteena! (Credit Jeff Toombs) 

We know this is a lot, and we are grateful to have you all support us throughout the last year and eager to have you come up and enjoy camp together. We aren’t going to have the time or manpower to police everyone that weekend, so if you are going to come, please buy in and do it for the love of camp!

We do need to start taking actual sign-ups. So if you are coming, please officially sign-up through CampMinder if you haven’t done so yet. If you sign up and can’t make it, you’ll get your money back. We’ll follow up as it gets closer w/ cabin requests. 

See you all in June!


Did you attend a previous fantasy camp? Menominee’s Facebook page contains photo albums from


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