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Why Do Families Choose Menominee?

Everyone who comes to camp is a part of our family from day one. We help our campers accomplish their goals and grow into impactful members of the community. All types of boys can succeed at camp.


Menominee’s directors and staff help campers learn, accomplish, and grow into their best selves by:

  • Creating a diverse community

  • Teaching and leading “The Menominee Way”

  • Setting goals and recognizing achievements

The Menominee Family: A Diverse Community

Menominee attracts passionate and kind campers from all over the world. We select our staff the same way, and our global family has grown to include at least 25 countries since starting in 1928. We want boys who will both add to our community and learn from those who have shaped it over the years. We are inspired by boys willing to meet new people and face new challenges. A successful summer for each camper includes trying something new and making a new friend. We also work with each family to determine their own goals and concerns before their son comes to camp. This is one of the things that separates us from other Wisconsin family camps.

Our Collective Values: “The Menominee Way”

We believe that regardless of background or experience, all of our boys should learn and embrace the value system that’s guided Menominee for over 90 years. Known as “The Menominee Way”, these six traits create the core of our community and provide a foundation for our campers’ success and personal growth.


Our alumni are better men today because they continue to embody these values throughout their lives:

  • Attitude

  • Determination

  • Heart

  • Leadership

  • Spirit

  • Sportsmanship

Not only do we strive to teach these values to our campers, but we also recognize campers and staff who go above-and-beyond exemplifying the Menominee Way. Each week we focus on one trait and The Menominee Family gathers around a bonfire on Sunday nights for a special ceremony. The entire camp learns why each individual is honored and the actions of the honorees inspire camp throughout the summer. Our goal-oriented programs reinforce these values, creating the ideal place for boys of all ages to learn, mature, and achieve at their own levels and interests.

Succeeding with Individual Goals

Camp is a safe and healthy place where success is not measured by wins and losses, but by courage and personal growth. Before each summer, our directors make time to speak with each camp family about goals and area of focus for their camper. In addition, each camper will have a goal setting session with our team on the first day of camp.

Campers often share goals such as improving golf skills or getting up on water skis. We assign staff members who can help the camper accomplish his goals during the summer. When a camper does something for the first time at camp, we reward their effort. We announce it in front of the whole camp and award a trophy or keepsake.

Parents might have different goals for their son. Some want their boys to become more independent. Others hope they can learn to be a part of a team. We take great pride in working with each family to identify these areas for growth. We then develop action plans to address those needs. We also create plans to provide the extra care some campers need. This includes allergies, medications, homesickness or other concerns.

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