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Learn, Train, Compete

Athletics at CM

Camp Menominee has one of the best athletics programs in the country. We combine strong instruction with leagues and game play to provide our athletes with the opportunity to learn and improve. Our coaches are hires specifically for their activity, and we ensure they have played or coached at a high level. When your son signs up for one of our sports, you know he will be getting excellent training and will actually get better over the course of the summer.

We encourage everyone at camp to try out some of our sports, whether it is during an instructional activity, or league play. One of our strongest philosophies is that you do not have to be the best athlete to play and succeed. If a camper is brave enough to show up and try something for the first time, then is he going to get the chance to actually play. You will never be stuck sitting on the bench.

Over the years, CM has created a unique athletic environment that fosters an atmosphere of unconditional acceptance. Boys of all ages excel and grow into influential and dynamic young men. We emphasize effort, attitude, improvement, sportsmanship, family and being a great teammate. Every boy arrives at camp already a member of Team Menominee. Each day our distinct and diverse program produces wonderful memories that remain with the boys for the rest of their lives.

During the summer, a camper will be able to pick sports to work on fundamentals during instructional activities, teamwork during league play and set up private lessons with our expert coaches.

Competition at Camp

A frequently asked question we receive surrounds one of the more polarizing topics in camping: competition. Many applaud the positive role competition at camp can play, while some maintain it is a negative thing. We believe this debate misses the point. Anytime you engage in an event resulting in a winner and loser, there is competition. If one desires to improve in life, there is even a competitive element within oneself. Sometimes in life, our greatest challenges become our ultimate triumphs. Our focus is not on the outcome, but on how we can grow and what we can learn.

At Menominee, our campers have the freedom to choose their own activities within a our very structured day. This means that if they want to compete often over the summer, they can set their schedule that way, but we encourage them to get out there and try new and exciting things at camp. This is why we offer such a wide range of activities at the Waterfront, Target Ranges and Outdoors. During a given summer, we will do our best to make sure each camper gets to experience a high level of competition and balance that with all of our other great activities.

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