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Posted: April 6 2018

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Welcome to the Menominee CampCast, our camp podcast! Hosted by Menominee’s Owner/Director Jason, episodes cover different aspects of camping, Menominee and youth development. Jason speaks with parents, campers, staff, and many special guests. Subscribe to The Menominee CampCast:

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Episode #1 | Jason talks to camp parents Colleen & Blair about what it is like to have a camper with sever food allergies.

Episode #2 | Camp mom Jean offers her advice on how to deal with your son being away from home for the first time. These are her daily affirmations or, “Momtras”

Episode #8 | Jason’s interview with Dr. G, board-certified Family Physician, founder of, and mother of four overnight campers! You might have seen her on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show, The Doctors or your local news program. Jason and Dr. G discuss a campers’ first day and night of camp, how to adjust to cabin life, and much more. She knows what we can expect from our kids at different ages, how to support them, and how to manage our own parenting worries.

Episode #6 | Shortly after his first summer at camp, Reed and his parents Jean & Gary sit down to discuss how the first summer went. They look back on why they chose Menominee and dive in to topics like not knowing anyone at camp, homesickness, nervous parents, making new friends at camp, difficult first nights away, being sick at camp, advice for new parents and what to expect from letters home. This is a must listen for any new family as it provides insights and advice that you need going into your first summer.

Episode #7 | There was just too much great content from the discussion with Jean, Gary and Reed above that we decided to make a part 2! Jason and Youth Development Director Jeff Toombs sit down with camp parents Jean, Gary and their son Reed shortly after Reeds first summer at camp. They share their thoughts about the Big Brother program at camp, discuss how supportive some of the current parents were leading up to camp, how easy Reed found it to try new things at camp, and they all provide their thoughts on Menominee philosophies as it relates to our program and competition.

Episode #3 | What REALLY goes on at camp? The inside scoop from parents who actually worked at camp last summer.

Episode #5 | Camper Eli Lundy anchors this episode of the CampCast with an awesome interview with Rory Kramer. Rory tours the world as a photographer and videographer for some of the biggest names in music, like The Chainsmokers and Justin Bieber. Rory shares some stories from his time on the road, what drives him and his advice for kids out there about conquering their fears and being their best selves.