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Make a Difference at Menominee

At camp it is so important to hire the right staff. We look for staff who are experienced, reliable and diverse. Our staff family includes teachers, nurses, coaches, chefs and much more. The thing that matters most to us is the safety and well being of our campers.

Staff Benefits

Our staff consists of former campers, new American staff and internationals visiting from all over the world. Many campers choose to return to camp as counselors. Why? They remember all of the counselors that made an impact on their lives. They want to have the same positive impact on current campers. Whether you’re a former camper or here for your first summer, you too can make a lasting impression on our campers.

Working at camp also provides the staff the chance to develop important skills for life. Counselors have come to our boys sports camp and left better leaders. They have also improved key teamwork and communication skills. Teachers and coaches love spending their summer with us.

Finally, a summer at camp fosters friendships that will last forever. We have staff from all over the world with all sorts of stories, interests, and talents to share. Every staff member makes connections with new friends that could only happen at camp. It’s nice to know that when you travel around the world you have friends everywhere!

Staff Expectations

Our staff help campers learn, accomplish, and grow into their best selves. Coaching and caring for campers is a major commitment. So we look for those that have a passion for helping others. We only hire men and women excited by these challenges. A sense of humor and positive attitude helps too!

The counselors at camp are talented and kind, much like our campers. Staff are assigned to activities based on their skills and experience. We provide training for areas such as the waterfront, climbing wall, zipline and target sports. Most of our staff members are in-cabin counselors and activity coaches. Here are the positions we look to fill each summer:

Activity Specialists


  • Boat Drivers

  • Ski/Wakeboard Instructors

  • Activity Heads for Sailing, Swimming, Fishing, Canoeing/Kayaking, Windsurfing

Outdoor Adventure

  • Climbing & Zip Line Instructors

Target Sports

  • Archery and Riflery Instructors

  • Trip Leaders


  • Coaches/Instructors for Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Strength & Conditioning, Golf

Arts & Media

  • Photographer (Shoot, Edit, Publish), Video/Social Media (Shoot, Edit, Publish), Arts & Crafts Instructor, Music Teacher/Rock Band Leader, Camp Newspaper Editor

Support Staff

Medical Staff

  • Nurses (RNs), Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Physicians Assistants

Camper Development Professionals

  • Youth Workers, Social Workers, Teachers, Youth Development Professionals

Kitchen Staff

  • Chefs, Line Cooks, Kitchen Support

Maintenance Staff

  • Groundskeeper/Handyman

Office Staff

  • Office Manager/Administrator

How To Apply

To be on staff you must be 18 or older by June 17, 2024. ” Then “this is from June 2 - August 8, 2024.

Are you Interested in joining the team? After you have explored our website, please think about how you can add to our community. Then fill out an online application. After that we will be in touch to schedule an interview. Background checks and reference checks are also required before being hired. Please contact us if you have any questions before submitting an application. 

Do you know someone who would make a great addition to our team? Refer a friend to join our staff as a counselor, kitchen staff, housekeeper, or nurse. We greatly appreciate your help to grow our boys sports camp family. We will also provide a referral bonus if your friend is hired.

Where do I apply?

What is a typical day at camp like for a counselor?

"This is Michael, a typical Menominee counselor. Let's see what his day is like: When Michael wakes up in the morning he is responsible for getting his cabin of 8 year old boys out of bed and into the mess hall for breakfast. However, today is Michael’s day to be “on-line”, so he has to serve the meal which requires waking up earlier to prepare. Michael made sure to discuss this with his co-counselor and let him know he’d be on his own with the kids that morning. After breakfast, Michael will go back to his cabin and help his kids do cabin cleanup. This is usually very easy since 8 year old boys are always so eager to sweep, mop and make their beds…

Michael then heads out to basketball as this is his area of expertise. He teaches two instructional periods this morning, juniors first then seniors. He must organize the staff to lead fun periods for boys with a wide range of skills. After lunch Michael usually has a rest period with his cabin. However, this is his day of the week to catch up with the directors and go over how things are going in the cabin. They talk about how things are going in the cabin. Then move on to an update on camper goals. The directors make sure that Michael is sharing all this with his co-counselor. Finally, they discuss the ways Michael and the Directors can support each other.

The day doesn’t get any easier for Michael! He needs to schedule his league games, help his campers write a fun song for our evening camp fire, make sure his campers takes showers, find time to do his weekly cabin write-up, get his kids to sleep, monitor the cabin compound after lights out and find time to get some rest so he can do it all again tomorrow."

Who works at Camp Menominee?

Every summer people join our staff from all over the world, including teachers, coaches, instructors, mentors and leaders. Meet some of the people joining our staff this summer.

Where do I sleep?

Most of our staff are both cabin counselors and activity intstructors. All cabin counselors will sleep in the cabiins where their campers and co-counselors sleep. We also have private and semi-private housing for support staff.

Staff Food/Dietary Issues

We make sure to cater to staff and campers with many different food allergies and dietary needs. It is important, however, to understand that our menu is designed for the campers. We make sure to have healthy options at each meal. We also serve vegetarian diets and have a salad bar at lunch and dinner.

How do I stay in touch with friends and family?

We are lucky to be in our spectacular North Woods setting, but it is relatively remote. On site we have wifi for the staff to connect to in their down time, and we will also help advise international staff on the best (and cheapest) data plans they can purchase for the summer.

You are an all boys camp, do you hire women?

Yes. Camp Menominee is an equal opportunity employer. We have plenty of women on staff in various different roles around camp. Outside of cabin counselor roles we always look for qualified instructors, members of our media team and other areas around camp.

Am I eligible to work if I am an Non-US Citizen?

Yes. We work with various agencies to help international staff obtain Visa's to work in the US for the summer.

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