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Dear Parents of First Time Campers,

If you’re here that means you’re thinking about sending your son to overnight camp. That gift could change your son’s life. It could also mean you don’t see your son for two, four, or eight weeks. How does all that make you feel? Excited? Nervous? Think it’s too soon? Think you’ll miss him too much? You’re not alone if you’re experiencing mixed emotions.

My parents poured every ounce of energy they had into my health and happiness growing up, but I also can’t imagine life without overnight camp. Many of our current families feel the same way.

When kids go off to school we hope they are in good hands, learning new things, develop healthy habits, and meeting new people. A great overnight camp provides that too, just without the classroom environment. Summer is a time to be outside, stress-free, and technology free.


We have an entire philosophy on what makes Menominee unique, but it can really be summed up like this: we want to help you raise the boy that your son wants to be, in the most fun and active environment possible. That means providing a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment to:

  • Build and keep relationships

  • Embrace diversity and expand horizons

  • Increase self-confidence and leadership skills

  • Learn what it means to be part of a community

  • Build independence (also can apply to parents too)

That last one (independence) can be especially difficult as boys venture off on their own for the first time, so we offer programs as short as two weeks as well as a Father & Son weekend so it’s not so “scary” to try camp out for the first time. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when your son asks if he can stay longer as his two-week session wraps up!

Click here to learn more about our various programs and start figuring out which is the right fit for you and your family. Each program description also features a video showcasing activities.

For the love of camp,

Jason Feldgreber

Camp Director / Owner
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