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We are excited to announce a partnership with Waldo Photos to host our daily photo uploads!

Show me the photos!

Waldo offers many free features:

  • Free photo gallery for you and your family
  • Mobile app for on-the-go viewing
  • Free download of high resolution photos
  • Save your favorite photos with one click
  • Share pictures to Facebook with one click

Waldo can also send you photos of your son!

  • Waldo offers an optional service that finds pictures of your son & texts you them!
    • Let Waldo’s facial recognition software do the work
    • Receive a notification when new photos are found
    • Unlimited additional friends or family members can get notified too!
    • Spend no more time searching for your son’s adorable face
  • Cost: Only $4.99/month

Where do I start?

Click Here to Sign-Up for Facial Recognition OR

Both the Waldo App and the Gallery website allow you to view photos, download photos, purchase prints, and share photos to Facebook!

Need help? You can email with any questions

Waldo FAQs

1. How can I access Camp Menominee’s free photo Gallery?

Click here to visit the online gallery or find the “Photos” link on the Camp Menominee home page.

2. How does Waldo’s facial recognition work?
You submit a photo of your camper’s face and Waldo does the rest, matching that photo to all the photos we upload and notifying you of all YOUR camper’s photos via the Waldo App.

3. How do I sign up for photo recognition?
Click Here to sign up for facial recognition for the summer of 2023. 

4. Will I get to see all the camp photos in addition to the ones of my camper?
Yes! On the Waldo website you can toggle between “My Photos” and “All Photos”.

5. I’m not signing up for the photo delivery service but I still want to see the camp photos. Possible?
You betcha. Waldo provides a free web gallery for you to view, download, and share photos. Click here to visit the online gallery, find the “Photos” link on the Camp Menominee home page. 

6. I signed up for the service but I’m not getting any matches yet. Why?

No photos can mean a couple things: 1) There are no photos of your camper yet in the album or 2) Your submitted selfie is blurry, dark, or unclear and Waldo is having a hard time matching it. Email for quick help or submit another selfie inside the Waldo App.

7. Will Waldo share my selfie or matched photos with the world?
No way! Waldo respects your privacy! Your photos will only be accessible by you. It’s up to you whether you want to share your photos with the world.

8. Can I order prints?
Yep! You can order prints from the Waldo app or the web gallery.

Still need help? Waldo’s here for you. You can also email with any question you have!

Some additional notes:

  • Camp Menominee does not collect any money from this partnership. The fees for the service are paid to Waldo.
  • This service is offered by Waldo, a third party vendor. All questions and customer service issues should go to them:
  • Camp Menominee did not develop this software and can make no guarantees as to the accuracy of their system. However, we worked with them last year and received positive feedback from the families who used this service.
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