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COVID-19 is a part of our lives. We have experienced it at our schools, in our athletic programs and extracurricular activities, at work, and within our families and friends. We need to expect and understand that it will be a part of our camp life as well this summer. Therefore, we need to set goals, expectations and develop an understanding of what this will look like at camp and how we will prepare and respond to it. 

Our goals and actions related to COVID-19 at camp have always been to keep our campers safe and, at the same time, reflect the actions and attitudes of our communities and the populations that we serve at camp. In 2021, that meant doing everything we could to keep COVID-19 out of camp and making this mission a top priority. This came with protocols involving a strict bubble, no outside programming, no visitors, masks, pods, cohorts and testing at camp. 

Today, we are living in a much different world and our policies and procedures will hope to reflect that while taking into account the risk to our camp population (i.e. the risk that campers in our demographic experience severe illness), our high vaccination rates and the effect on our program. We will work hard to try and come to camp healthy and limit the spread of COVID-19 if it does get into camp, but it is very important to us, our campers and staff that we are able to maintain as “normal” and “traditional” of a Menominee program as possible including skit nights, socials, competitions, town day and trips. 

We have taken great strides this year to develop a partnership with our first year families and grow our relationship with all of our returners. We have been working tirelessly to put together a program focused on camper goals, character growth and emotional development. We have always wanted to be that extension of your parenting and the work you do with your son every day. In the spirit of this partnership and foundation of trust, we would like to make sure we are all on the same page with the following risks this summer: 

  1. COVID-19 is currently spreading rapidly and pediatric cases are up significantly from this time last year. 
  2. The risk that COVID-19 comes into camp this year is higher than it was last summer. Camp will not be operating in a bubble or keep a closed campus.
  3. Despite the above, the campers and staff attending camp this summer are more protected from severe illness through vaccines, boosters, and built up immunity from previous COVID illnesses. Just like any other illness at camp, we respond to symptoms and treat and care for our campers until they feel better. We are more than confident in our ability to manage COVID-19, and any other virus, should it find its way into camp this summer. However, we cannot 100% guarantee this. So…
  4. By sending your son to camp this summer, we all acknowledge that there is a risk that your son contracts COVID-19 at camp, and there is a risk that your son comes home from his session with COVID-19 that was not identified during his camp session.


COVID-19 in the Summer of 2021

Hello Everyone – below you will find all of our COVID-19 resources pertaining to camp in THE SUMMER OF 2021. This information is to be used as a resource only if you are curious as to how camp ran successfully last summer. 



May 31, 2021: The Official Out-of-State Travel Guide and Policies

May 13, 2021: 12-15 Year Old Camper Vaccinations

April 28, 2021: Video and Podcast going over our Full 2021 COVID-19 Plan

April 19, 2021: The Testing Plan

January 21, 2021: Telemedicine at camp with PediaTrust

January 19, 2021: An Update on on Visiting Weekend

COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

This is where we will post our full protocol guide for the summer. We will update you all as we make changes and additions. The first draft should be ready for you in the coming months. 

Resources and Articles

From the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association

Guidance and resources for day and overnight camps about how to operate summer camp during COVID. This includes links to CDC updated guidance for camps.

A great source for the latest compiled COVID-19 data around the US.

Weekly sources for case and hospitalization data organized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

ACN has a wealth of resources available to camp health staff.  As we all cautiously move forward with summer plans in this time of so much unknown, look to ACN in your preparation.

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