Green and White is in the air

Posted: July 27 2014

‘To have enough is happiness; to have more than enough is unnecessary, and to want more is potentially harmful.
This is especially true of money’.

Better late than never they say, so here I am on this cool Sunday evening having had no access to the internet last night, or this morning. Was it the weather or the gremlins? Who knows, although it did storm pretty good both last night and Friday night. Indeed, the clap of thunder that shook the whole of camp at 3am yesterday was a reminder of just how powerful and angry mother nature can be when she has a mind to.
Lazy day today has been just that. We woke late then did one round of Twilight League (TLL) before going out to the far field this afternoon to play a new game. Because of the overnight rain and a shower just after lunch, we had to have hot-dog cookout inside in the mess hall. I know that is not quite the same as eating out in the woods, but we were worried that the fires might not light because of the damp conditions.
And then… as we were about to blow Taps over the loudspeaker this evening, the Senior cabin took over the front office and made an alternative announcement for everyone to hustle down to the waterfront fireplace for some exciting news; Green and White!!! The teams were read off and the great colour war that is Green and White will get underway tomorrow with all-camp Vroom in the afternoon. This is a game that involves running in the woods, avoiding enemy squirt guns, capturing opposing flags and generally having a great time.
So as the 2 and 6 weekers have left us this weekend, please know that there is still a whole lot of camping still to do. We hope that those boys who have moved on have had a wonderful time here at CM (I think they have) and we would like to thank you for ‘sharing’ them with us this summer.
We do indeed still have a lot to do and it all starts again tomorrow. Please forgive the lack of pictures from today, but those gremlins have tried to sabotage the camera. I am happy to say that they have been repelled and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,