Lazy Day, Town Day

Posted: August 3 2014

‘A great teacher makes hard things easy’. Emmerson

We’re back home after spending the afternoon in the town of Minocqua. The sun shone and the boys spent their money and watched the ski show.
The day started with Doc’s Run, our annual 4.5 mile jog along O and D back to camp. There were 25 starters and I’m happy to say that all 25 finished. At the same time as that was taking place the golfers were in Eagle River playing for the Green Jacket. By all accounts that was a close thing as they went into a play-off hole to decide the winner.
We made the Doc’s Run presentation after Lazy Day breakfast and while we were all gathered in Wasserman Hall we hosted the 10 Year Club too. This year we inducted one new member, Tom Fedderly, our caretaker and maintenance man for the past decade.
Sing practice was squeezed in AND we did our laundry. Phew!!
Tomorrow is field day for Green and White as well as the Sing tomorrow night.
We will be busy through to the end!
All is well folks, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,