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Below you will find the information for our Camp/Parent Medication Partnership for the summer of 2024. All requirements/policies herein are based on best practices and recommendations from the Health Department and the Alliance for Camp Health (ACH), as well as what is best and most effective for the operation of our Health Center this summer and going forward. 

Background: The number of campers on prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications has dramatically increased over the last few years. With that, it has become imperative that we streamline the method of delivery of medications to the health center so we can ensure the timeliness of medication check in, timely correction of errors, and most important, the delivery of the right dose at the right time of day to the campers. We have decided that the best way to do this is to use a single consistent system of medication packaging this summer. 

2024 Policy: With the exception of a few very specific situations listed below, we will only be accepting prescription and OTC medications packaged through our trusted pharmacy partner, Hayat Pharmacy. Families that have been with us a while know how adaptable and flexible we usually are. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with, and always put our families and campers first. We ask that you partner with us on this for the good of our Health Care staff, your campers, and our community. 

Why Hayat? 

  • After a successful trial run last year, we determined that Hayat Pharmacy was the safest, most efficient, and cost-effective packaging pharmacy on average for our Camp Menominee families. 
  • Hayat is a large scale commercial online pharmacy, and therefore, Hayat has also promised that, if we get them information on which medications our campers will be on early enough, they will be able to ensure that they have these medications in stock! This is especially pertinent for some of our campers who take certain ADD and ADHD medications. 
  • Our healthcare team has developed a close working relationship with the pharmacists at Hayat Pharmacy, and the open line of communication with the Hayat team provides us with the unique ability to consult with their pharmacists on demand throughout the summer if any issues or medication changes come up. 
  • We feel that this partnership improves our ability to provide high quality health care to all of our campers, and we hope that you agree!  Ultimately, having licensed pharmacists from a single pharmacy pre-package all medications not only provides a simple method for our healthcare staff to distribute medication, but also provides an added layer of safety to ensure the proper dosage and timing of each medication, reducing the risk of medication errors.
  • Hayat costs under $50/camper, and their specialized multi-dose packaging is perfect for camp’s delivery system. 

Below you will find all the information you need to partner with us on this for the summer. We are of course here to answer questions at or

Sincerely – Jason Feldgreber (Owner/Director) – Melanie Rein, MSN, RN (Medical Director) – Lauren Wishne, DNP, FNP-BC (Medical Consultant), and the CM Health Center Team

Medication Policy

All medications, including prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins, and supplements, must be sent to camp in pre-packaged, time-dosed packaging prepared by Hayat Pharmacy, based out of Milwaukee, WI. We have a great partnership with Hayat Pharmacy that makes ordering, packaging, and distributing medications a seamless process. Please fill out the Hayat Medication Enrollment Form send it to Hayat directly through one of the ways listed on the form. Hayat will be in touch about next steps.

It is not an option to prepare your camper’s medications yourself at home. Sending medications in original medication bottles or pre-sorted at home in baggies or “pill minder” pill boxes will result in the Health Center staff spending hours sorting and labeling your son’s medication in house, and will therefore come with a charge of $200 which will go to the health center staff. It is much more cost effective to pay under $50 to Hayat for this service. 

There are a few policy exceptions that we will lay out below:

  • Epi-pens: If your camper requires an epi-pen, please send one epi-pen to camp prior to the first day of camp. Your camper should also travel on the bus with an additional epi-pen. Please note, epi pens must have the camper’s name written in permanent marker, and allergies for which the pen is needed must be noted in your camper’s health form on CampInTouch. 
  • Rescue inhalers: If your camper requires a rescue inhaler, please order one rescue inhaler through Hayat Pharmacy. Your camper may travel to camp with a second rescue inhaler. Please write your camper’s name on the inhaler in permanent marker. Please be sure to document rescue inhalers as medication in your camper’s medication list.
  • Injectables: If your camper requires daily, weekly, or monthly injections you can fill those through Hayat, or send them up in whatever way works best for you. Including with your camper, but you MUST give them to the lead staff member at the bus. 
  • Nebulizers: if your camper requires a nebulizer at camp, they may bring the machine with them on the bus and deliver it to the health center team upon arrival at camp. You do not have to fill the medication through Hayat, but a phone call with the nurses prior to camp is required.  
  • If your camper is prescribed a new short-term medication for an illness (i.e antibiotics) within 10 days prior to camp, this medication may be sent to camp in the original bottle labeled by the pharmacy. You must notify the camp health center before the first day of camp.
  • If your camper is prescribed a new daily medication within the 10 days prior to camp, you may send a week’s supply in the original bottle labeled by the pharmacy while Hayat Pharmacy fills and sends the new prescription. You must notify the health center before the first day of camp and you must work with Hayat Pharmacy to have the medication filled. If you do not fill the new prescription through Hayat Pharmacy after the grace period of one week, you will be charged a penalty fee for each week that the medication is not filled through Hayat.

Over-The-Counter (OTC) Medications:

  • Here is a list of the medications we will stock in the health center (brand formulation may vary):
    • Ibuprofen
    • Acetaminophen
    • Antihistamines (loratadine or cetirizine, diphenhydramine)
    • Antacids
    • Bismuth subsalicylate (ex: Pepto-Bismol)
    • Cough drops
    • Cough medicine (suppressant, expectorant)
    • Cold & flu (ex: Dayquil, Nyquil)
    • Antifungals (lotrimin)
    • Calamine lotion/hydrocortisone
    • Topical antibiotic ointment
    • Dramamine
  • We will supply these medications for campers who will require these OTCs two times a week or less. Please be sure to sign off on the OTC medication list in your camper’s health form on CampInTouch so that our trained health care staff may provide these OTCs as needed. You do not need to fill these through Hayat Pharmacy, but you also may send up a box of the medication if you’d like, or if there is a specific type of OTC your son prefers.If you are unsure how often your camper will need an OTC, we recommend erring on the side of caution, having Hayat pre-package the medication, and if the medication goes unused we will send the remaining medication home at the end of camp.
  • If your camper takes an OTC medication such as an allergy pill, nasal spray, vitamins, or melatonin, MORE than 2x/week, those must be packaged though Hayat Pharmacy. All medications filled through Hayat that are not used will be sent back to you at the end of the summer. 

Costs & Fees:

  • Please note that Menominee does not profit from the use of these services.
  • Ultimately, if you choose to not partner with us and follow this policy, you are simply creating a riskier medication process and adding hours of work for our health center staff. We will charge $200 if your son’s medications come up with him rather than using Hayat. This money will go to the health center staff. It is much more cost effective to pay under $50 to Hayat for this service. 
  • Other costs include: Cost of medications (parents are responsible for insurance co-pays and fees in addition to the cost of any OTC or prescription medications) and Related Shipping Fees (Parents are also responsible for any fees associated with getting medications to camp on time).

**We understand that pharmacy services come at a cost, however, this is part of the partnership between parents and camp leading up to the summer. These services are vital in helping our Health Center Staff prepare for camp. Their time will be spent getting to know the boys, reading health forms, setting up calls with parents, and setting up our Health Center for the safest and healthiest summer possible.**

How to get started if your camper will be taking medications at camp this summer:

  • Log-In to your CampInTouch account or open your Campanion App.
    • Navigate to Forms and Documents
    • Complete your Health History form. On page 5 you will note the medications that your son will be taking this summer. For each medication, you must list the dose, frequency, time of day, and instructions. This is also where you can sign off on OTC medications.
  • Please fill out the Hayat Pharmacy Enrollment Form and send it to Hayat directly through one of the ways listed on the form. Once it is sent, Hayat will reach out to you directly for the next steps. For more information, visit the Hayat Online Pharmacy website.
    • Hayat will fill your camper’s prescription and OTC medications, and ship them directly to camp so they are ready to go before your son arrives. Hayat has assured us that they will be able to work with almost every type of medication and provide instructions on how to work best with your doctors and insurance companies so they can fill controlled substances/schedule II medications.
    • UPDATE FOR 2024: We are aware that there is a shortage of certain schedule II medications (particularly ADHD medications), Hayat has assured us that if we inform them early enough as to which medications your son takes they will make sure they have it in stock to make this process even easier and stress free for you!
    • Please review the information sheet and fill out all information on page 2. Then send the completed information sheet and your son’s prescriptions to Hayat Pharmacy. The information sheet and enrollment form has everything you need to know, but you can always get in touch with Hayat to ask questions and discuss your son’s specific medications.
    • The pharmacy will ship your son’s medications to camp.
  • Please mail epi pens, rescue inhalers, and injectables that cannot be fulfilled through Hayat to: Camp Menominee, Attn Health Center, 5035 County Road D, Eagle River, WI 54521
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