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Hi Parents:

We would like to bring to your attention improvements to Camp Menominee’s Medication Policy this year and ask that you review the new Medication Procedures, outlined below. Based on recommendations from the local Health Department and feedback from our CM nursing staff and families, we have adopted the policy that ALL medications, in pill form, need to be sent to camp in pre-packaged TIME-DOSE packaging prepared by a pharmacy. Time-dose packaged medication is an ideal method of dispensing medicine at camp and will give the CM Medical staff more time to attend to the medical needs of our campers and staff.

This summer, parents will have the option to choose which provider/pharmacy to work with in order to fill their camper’s medications. That said, all daily medications (aside from exceptions listed below) must be prepackaged and delivered to camp prior to your son arriving. This year, we are working with one primary pharmacy to help make it as easy as possible. We also provide other options if that does not work for you.

Camp Menominee Medication Procedures for Parents

It is REQUIRED that you use a pre-packaging Time-Dose service for all medications. This includes: OTC and “as needed” medication that is listed on your son’s health form. This includes but is not limited to over-the-counter medications, homeopathic remedies, and vitamins. See below for exclusions to this policy.

Policy Exceptions:

  • OTC medications stocked and dispensed at camp that are “as needed” (Tylenol, ibuprofen, cough medicine, decongestant, antihistamines, cortisone cream, triple antibiotic cream, cough drops, saline drops for eyes). As needed medications can be sent up ahead of time or with your camper, but before sending, please check with the Health Center to see if we already have it in stock. 
  • Injectibles (growth hormones and EPIpens). If your camper has a prescription for an Epi-Pen, please mail one Epi-Pen to camp ahead of time, and send the other with your camper.
  • Non-pill form (inhalers, nebulizers, creams, lotions, liquids, drops). Send these items in original packaging with pharmacy label indicating name, dose, etc. These medications may be shipped to camp ahead of time or travel with your son. Rescue inhalers that are kept with your son at all times can be brought with him to camp.
  • PLEASE NOTE: When sending these up to camp, medication must be in the original container (vial) with pharmacy label which includes child’s name and dosing instructions. DO NOT write on the label. We will also need an emergency action plan filled out and signed by a doctor for all epinephrine injectors
  • Schedule II Narcotics: We will accept Schedule II Narcotics in single dose/bubble packaging but it is not required.

Please DO NOT:

  • Please note, it is NOT an option for you to prepare your son’s medications yourself at home. All medications sent to camp must be packaged according to our guidelines.  Sending medications in original medication packaging (bottles or blister packs) or pre-sorted at home in baggies and “pill minder” pill boxes will be a violation of camp policy and will result in a $100 penalty fee plus any late fees charged by the pharmacy we employ to package your medicine according to our policy. The EXCEPTION to this would be a new prescription for an illness prescribed right before camp starts, such as an antibiotic. This would need to be in the original bottle, labeled by the pharmacy.
  • Send inhalers or Epipens without the label.
  • Send baggies with loose pills.

*Camp Menominee will charge a $100 fee if you send up medication with your camper that does not fall into one of the “exceptions” noted above.

If your Camper will take medications at camp this summer, here is what you need to do:

  1. Log-In to your account and navigate to Forms and Documents –> Complete your Health History form. On page 5 you will note the medications that your son will be taking this summer. For each medication, you must list the dose, frequency, time of day and instructions.
  2. Choose a pharmacy that provides the single dosing or bubble pack service to use for the summer. Camp Menominee Recommends one of the following pharmacies:


Hayat Online Pharmacy (– Hayat Pharmacy is proud to partner with us to provide medication solutions that ensure the campers have the medications they need, at the correct doses, and at the correct times throughout the day. Hayat will fill your camper’s daily prescription and OTC medications, and ship them directly to camp so they are ready to go before your son arrives. Hayat has assured us that they will be able to work with almost every type of medication and provide instructions on how to work best with your doctors and insurance companies so they can fill controlled substances/schedule II medications. 

To work with Hayat, please review this information sheet and fill out the information on page 2. Then send it in to Hayat along with the prescription. The information sheet and enrollment form has everything you need to know, but you can always get in touch with Hayat to ask any questions and discuss your son’s specific medications.


If you are unable to use Hayat for any reason, here is the secondary pharmacy option for 2023:

Wall Street/Home Town Pharmacy in Eagle River (715-479-4282) – Please contact Larry Thompson at the pharmacy, fill out this information form and send it back to the pharmacy, and contact them with the prescription information so they can fill your sons prescriptions. Please note: camp staff will be able to pick up these prescriptions from the pharmacy when ready.

**We understand that these services come at a cost, however, this is part of the partnership between parents and camp leading up to the summer. These services are vital in helping our Health Center Staff in their preparation for camp. Their time will be spent getting to know the boys, reading health forms, setting up calls with parents and setting up our Health Club for the safest and healthiest summer possible. Therefore, if you do not utilize any pre-packaging services, we will charge a $75 packaging fee at camp.**

Other Pharmacies/Services that are acceptable:

    1. Dundee Pharmacy Northbrook, IL (P: (847) 480-1000, – Due to regulatory circumstances they can no longer ship medications to camp, so this is only an option for families local to Chicago and the surrounding suburbs).
    2. CVS (800-753-0596)
    3. Walgreens (some but not all Walgreens provide this service)
    4. Pill Pack by Amazon(855-745-5725)
    5. Simple Meds (615-645-6337)
    6. You can use your own pharmacy or any other pre-packaging pharmacy option you find.
  1. After you pick the best pharmacy for your camper’s needs, speak to your son’s doctor and have him/her send all prescriptions to the appropriate pharmacy. Please ensure this information matches what you indicated on your health history form.
  2. The pharmacy will ship your son’s meds to camp or you will send the medication to camp or have the pharmacy send it to camp.
    1. Ship your camper’s medication to: Camp Menominee, Attn: Health Center, 5035 County Road D, Eagle River, WI 54521
    2. Include enough medication for your camper’s entire stay at camp.
    3. If for insurance reasons, you cannot send it all at one time, include a note in the package letting the Health Care Team know when to expect the second shipment (see deadlines below).


    1. For Full, Rookie I and First Session campers, medications should arrive no later than June 14th.
    2. For Second Session and Rookie II campers and second shipments of medication for eight week campers, medications should arrive no later than July 11th.

Costs & Fees

Please note that Menominee does not profit from the use of any of the services above.

  • Parents will be responsible, for the following associated fees:
    • Late Medication Arrival/Pre-Packaging at camp fee: see above as camp will charge $75/camper.
    • Cost of Medications: Parents are responsible for insurance co-pays and fees in addition to the cost of any over the counter or prescription meds.
    • Related Shipping Fees: Parents are also responsible for any fees associated with getting medications to camp on time.

Camp Menominee Meds Contact Information:
Camp Menominee Office

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