Midnight Manhunt

Posted: August 4 2016

‘If I said you were in denial, but you said you weren’t, would you be?’

Green and White continues as I write this, with Midnight Manhunt unfolding around the gully. The ring of fire has been lit and the boys are running all over the place trying to get into it while trying to avoid being squirted with deadly dye (coloured water). This is one of the most exciting games we do here at camp, and this stems from the fact that we do it late at night, with flash lights. Of course, running around in the dark presents its very own problems, but the excitement of the game trumps all that. So we are halfway through all that (as I write) and all is well thus far. But wait; there’s more.

Menominee Monopoly and Bari’s Biffs took place earlier in the day, another two fun games. The Biffs is one of my favourite games as boys are chased around by the biffers, whose job it is is to biff anyone they can catch, with a sock-full of flour. Once biffed they have to wait for a medic to come and ‘save’ them before re-joining the game. Menominee Monopoly, on the other hand, does exactly what its name suggests. A giant trail of ‘Xs’ is drawn all over camp and each team of 8 or so boys (with a counsellor) has to throw a dice in a box and make their way all the way from the flag pole and back as quickly as they can, hoping to avoid certain penalties on the way. If my sources are correct then the Greens took Biffs and the Whites took Monopoly. This still leaves the Greens way out in front, but with lots of games to go anything could happen.

The Indian summer has returned with a kick tonight. It is soooo hot and humid. Unlike Florida we have no air-conditioning here at camp, so we must rely on what little breeze there is coming off the lake; and there’s not much of that I’m afraid. But hey ho; it’s hard to imagine that in 8 weeks, the length of our camp summer, there could be snow on the ground here.

But there’s no snow tonight and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,