Summer 2016

Posted: June 21 2016

Welcome back to another great summer in the North Woods! Is there a better place to be than by the shores of Sand Lake where the breeze blows cool and the sun shines hot? How would you like to hang out with your friends, play sports and relax with like-minded people? Then camp is where you need to be, and that camp is Camp Menominee!

Hi, my name is Woody and I will be guiding you through the summer via Woody’s Word, the official camp blog. Please forgive me in advance for any technical difficulties we might experience up here. The internet is not what it is in the city, and we can lose power on occasion (it’s already happened once).

The buses rolled in yesterday, a little before 2.30 and we got straight into some admin’ type stuff. By the time dinner was called at 5.30 everyone had signed up for their activities and all the medical checks had been done. We were ready for camp! To get things going we played Capture the Flag in the gully after dinner. This was a great opportunity to let off some steam and burn some of that conserved winter energy. As the sun went down we headed into Wasserman Hall (named after Alan and Elaine Wasserman, the former owners of Camp Menominee) for the candy party. Who doesn’t like candy? The boys bring plenty of ‘junk’ with them (and that’s ok by the way), but we can’t have that in the cabins, so we have to eat it all before the sun goes down. And that’s what we did. There actually wasn’t much this year (a good thing, maybe). With the candy consumed we went down to the fire pit for a real camp fire and some singing and introductions. What a beautiful evening for it too. Not a breath of wind, and very little to disturb the peace.

We blew Taps at 10.00 and all was well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,