WOODY’S WORD 26th June 2013

Posted: June 26 2013

‘There are two kinds of risk; one you cannot afford to take and one you cannot afford not to take’ PETER DRUCKER

We’re back at the Friendly Confines after an evening spent socializing with the ladies at Camp Agawak in Minocqua. What a great camp that is and what lovely ladies they are. Our boys had a terrific  time in their purpose-built  rec’ hall dancing to the LOUD sound system. That was our first of a number of socials of the summer . The bar has been set pretty high after tonight.

The rest of our day was spent playing and learning and enjoying the hot, sunny weather. Instructional in the morning and leagues in the afternoon. If it sounds as if we are busy most of the time then that is because we are. We do have some down-time – usually after lunch for an hour – and we call that a Real Rest Period. One of those a day is enough to re-charge the collective battery.

Dinner was interrupted by the darkening skies and the pouring rain. We must have been right in the path of that storm, but it did not last long and the boys were not really disturbed by it. We’ve had a good mix of weather thus far, which is just as well; without a change in the weather, 90% of the population would be unable to start a conversation.

Let me finish this conversation by saying that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,