Campers Take Over Camp!

Posted: August 7 2016

‘What makes the battle worth the fighting, what makes the mountain worth the climb, what makes the question worth the asking, what makes the reason worth the rhyme…?’ ┬áDick van Dyke.

It was a late night last night after the counselor football(soccer) game at Horseshoe in Rhinelander. It was 12.30 before we got back, so you must forgive me for not posting. At that time of the day I was just wanted to sleep.

But we’re back to normal this evening, and I say that for a very good reason. Today was Camper/Counselor switch day, a day when the roles are reversed and the counselors become the campers and the campers become the counselors. This is something the Senior Cabin (in particular) really look forward to every summer. After campaigning for the job of running camp by way of a convention in Wasserman Hall (the Bob Bender party, and the Al Lewis party), the winners became the admin’ for the day. They write a schedule and ‘direct traffic’ via the pa; they make announcements at the meals, and the two Senior cabin members – who get to be me and Jason – get to sit at the staff table.

As luck would have it, we had a visit from the Milwaukee Bucks Dunk Team this morning. The Senior Cabin members could not get credit for that, but it was well worth the hour that they spent with us. The guys were truly flying through the air as they smashed balls down into the net from a great height (by way of a small trampoline). It was a lot of fun.

After that it was time for TLL with the counselors playing in place of the boys, and the boys umping the games. I think they enjoyed playing with the staff. I know I had a lot of fun on the Bob Bender Senior Diamond both pitching and hitting.

During rest period we set up the slip and slide down the hill from the flag pole. Using soap, baby oil and ultra dishwasher liquid we created a fast slide that only we could do given the size and steepness of the hill we have. From there we slid into a Beach Party (pun intended) as the sun continued to shine.

The boys decided to play capture the flag after dinner before an extended shower/dip and canteen. After that the show continued with Casino Night in the mess hall. That has just ended and the Senior Cabin have gone to Chippewa to party with the Senior Cabin there. Phew! That was a packed and crazy day.

But all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!


Woody's Word,