Everyone is back!

Posted: July 8 2017

‘Seek home for rest, for home is best.’ ┬áThomas Tusser 1524-1580

And home is where everyone is tonight. All the trips returned home successfully and with plenty of stories to tell. We have just finished in Wasserman Hall where the boys regaled us with their tall tales and sometimes fabricated stories of the two days they have spent away from the Friendly Confines. I think it would be hard not to have two nights away from camp and not have stories to tell of what went on. And even if some of the stories were not entirely true, they certainly made us laugh.

Now we are back to normal, we can get back to doing normal stuff. We only have trips go out in the first session, and while we might offer up an optional canoe trip later in the summer, the rest of our season will be spent on the campgrounds. There is still so much to do here!

The weekend is once again upon us and I know we have some neat stuff planned. This will include our first competition against the boys from Minocqua – Camp Kawaga – in counsellor volleyball tomorrow afternoon. The guys seem pretty confident, so we shall see.

We now have a talking teddy bear who wears a Green Nation shirt sitting on the front desk, courtesy of the senior Cabin. Thanks guys.

We’re almost into the final weekend before we open our doors next Friday, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!


Woody's Word,