Picture Perfect

Posted: July 20 2015

‘I am never going to be a movie star, or a rock star, or a sporting genius, but then again, in all probability, Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney or LeBron are never going to wake up here at CM and teach sports and have fun all day, and make a hands-on difference to young men as they find their way in life’.

Making a difference is what we do at camp. I’d like to think it is a positive difference we make, a difference that will enhance and not hinder the development of the boys in our care this summer. We have made a good start today, the first full day of the second session.
This morning we had to do the pictures; cabin pictures, portraits and the big, all-camp picture. It was a beautiful day for it. The rain that threatened never came, so we just got on with it. It’s a quite a big production, the picture taking, so there was not much time left in the morning to do much else but find a campsite for the cabin cookout on Sunday. The younger cabins – especially – love to go into the woods and make campsites.
This afternoon we got into the first round of MCAA (Menominee Camping Athletic Association) league games. With so many boys here this session, the teams have a better balance to them and there are more of them. This will make for much better competition. We like to compete here at Menominee. We believe it is an important part of life. Sometimes – in life – we don’t even realise we are competing, but in almost every facet of life, there is competition. It is as well, therefore, that we know how to compete and how to win and how to lose, because it is going to happen to everyone of us at some point.
The leagues finished at 4.10 so we had time for General, that time of day when the boys can do whatever activity they want. It was no surprise that many headed for the waterfront on this hot afternoon.
It was Twilight League this evening. We were surprised by the TLL commissioners as they leapt out of the shed with the trophy to announce the start. Then the games got underway and softball was everywhere. There were six games in total across three divisions.
With the late start of TLL, we never got to Canteen, but we did get into Wasserman Hall for Song and Cheer night. That’s always a rousing way to start camp, and it is the traditional first campfire of each session. It is important that the boys learn the songs and cheers so that they might continue the traditions that so many of us are already familiar with.
And then bed. Phew! A great start to the second session. You gotta believe that all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,