So Far So Good

Posted: July 29 2015

‘When you get into a fight with a bear, you don’t get tired until the bear gets tired’. Coleman Young

We’re in a fight tonight folks. The good news is that we have the advantage as things stand, leading as we do, 8-7, after the first day. The boys did us, you and themselves proud as they fought hard and played fair over at Camp Kawaga today. There were two big comebacks in hockey and the Juniors held their own at football. The 13 and unders do not play until tomorrow, but they came to support and cheer their team-mates on today. This is very much a team performance, and no matter what position you play, in whatever sport you play, whenever you play, the boys know that their contribution matters. That one missed catch; that one shot not taken; that momentary hesitation; it all adds up. And that last minute basket; that 1-0 win; the penalty save by the keeper; all of those things can help us win and take the glory this year.
We are focused and ready and we know what we need to do tomorrow. The discipline and desire are there, and I know we have the athletes to complete the job.
I’d like to think that the best team will win out in the end, and I’d like to think that that team wears Green.
Go Menominee, beat Kawaga.
All is well folks, so safely rest. We will.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,