The First Day of Summer 2015

Posted: June 22 2015

‘Oh I had six good teachers, they taught me all I knew, their names were what and where and when, and why and how and who’

I want to welcome everyone back to the shores of Sand Lake for yet another summer at Camp Menominee, the 88th in our great history.
My name is WOODY and this is the Word, the daily camp blog, the place where you will learn about all we do here and what we are about.
Jason is in charge this summer, having taken over the reins in January. Jason is long-time camper and counselor here, as well as gaining valuable experience at other camps. We are in good hands folks.
Camp is the best place to be during the summer. It is where friendships are formed and new skills learnt; where songs are sung and a host of new opportunities present themselves. It is a place of fun and excitement, of warmth and camaraderie, the place where so many of us gravitate every summer.
The boys arrived this afternoon and they dived straight into games and sports, until a brief shower took us all inside. The rain makes the place so green – a favorite camp color – so we can take a shower or two.
After dinner we cleaned ourselves up and then came into Wasserman Hall (our recreation hall, named in honor of former owners, Alan and Elaine Wasserman). Here we sang and talked about what makes camp so special, and we ate all the candy that the boys had brought with them.
So the summer has started and all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,