White Win

Posted: August 9 2017

‘I want to be remembered for the life I live, not the money I make.’

The Relay was another classic today. It was a hot one as Jason blew the starters pistol at 2.25 to get the whole thing underway. The lead changed hands numerous times as the event unfolded, but it was the Whites who got their fire going first. With a keen breeze coming off the lake, the flames did not want to shoot straight up and boil the water. Rather, they leant to one side and threatened the trees at one point. But with the towels raised up high, the flames soon started to do their job and the White water duly boiled up and over the rim of the can.

And so to the balloon toss. As is entirely normal in this part of the Relay, many mistakes were made. This allowed the Greens to catch up so that after more than two hours we now had both teams lined up from the waterfront to the flag-pole, throwing their respective balloons to one another. This makes it so much more exciting. No-one dare make another mistake as one team gets into their rhythm and the balloon starts to make its (rapid) way up the hill. And so it was with the Whites. They smashed their balloon against the flagpole quite few minutes before the Greens (unlike the photo-finish last year), and the whole team raced back down the hill to ‘lake it’. Having lost the Sing last night, the Whites came back big with this sterling performance. They are worthy winners of this year’s Green and White competition.

We got back into TLL mode after dinner with the start of the play-offs. We will finish those tomorrow and that will be that. The pizza party has just finished and the Senior’s are now playing their delayed basketball final under the lights on the Dunleavy courts.

And, given that all is well, I am going to shower and sleep and safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,