Woody’s Word, 21st June 2022

Posted: June 21 2022

It’s a hot one!

“Camp doesn’t start when we’re ready: it starts when the boys arrive”.

Hello Everybody

What a hot and humid day it has been. This could have been Florida in July; that’s how hot it was today. It’s so strange to think that there was ice on the lake just eight weeks ago. Such are the vagaries of nature.

Anyway: the weather apart, lots of things have been going on today. This morning we started our Big Ten activities. The Big Ten (named after the big ten schools) is our instructional programme where the boys learn how to play the sports that they then play in their King of the Camp leagues (more on that tomorrow). We have two such instructional periods in the morning, and we go hard at it. We have a lot to pack in, in a short space of time, but if everyone is paying attention and moving quickly, we can get a lot done.

Given that it was hot today, we made full use of the waterfront during morning and afternoon General. General is that short(ish) time between more formal activities when the the boys can do pretty much whatever they want, as long as they are out of the cabin(s).

By this evening, the boys still had enough energy to start Twilight League, our evening softball programme. This is one of the most popular sports we do here at camp, and everyone is on a team. Junior, Intermediate and Senior is how we break them down, Juniors and Intermediates playing 12 inch, and the Seniors 16 inch. We went long tonight, so as I write this, we have only just started Canteen, which is pretty late for Canteen. Canteen is the one time of the day when the boys can treat themselves to a “cold one or a sweet one at the only red and white building in camp”.  We would normally have been done with this by around 8.50 before heading into Wasserman Hall for skit night. But not tonight. It will be the flag next, then Taps, then bed. Done.

We’ve had a great first day, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,