Woody’s Word 2nd July 2023

Posted: July 2 2023

“You keep going until you get it right, and then you keep going some more until you don’t get it wrong”.

We’ve just come in from The Way, our weekly special meeting out at our special place in the natural bowl at the end of the golf course. It is the one time of the week when we get together as a whole camp around the – usually – huge fire, where we honour and celebrate all the good things that have happened at camp this week. Determination, Heart, Spirit, Leadership, Sportsmanship and Attitude are the six traits of The Way, the six traits that we all want to live up to and promote. They are the traits that we live by, and the traits that bind us to together to become the camp that we are. The Way ceremony is led by the CITs (Counsellors in training, or campers in transition (you choose)), so it is these guys, more than most, that understand the importance of the traits and The Way, but it is the younger guys sitting round the fire tonight who will carry this tradition on. And long may it live on.

Walking back this evening, we were followed by the biggest moon we’ve ever seen. The sky was clear (no wildfire smoke), and there was no wind. but there was this huge creamy white, almost perfect ball in the sky. It is nights like this that allow us to get as close to nature as the Northwoods will allow. No city lights to dilute the darkness; no freeway noise in the distance; just us and nature and the end of the weekend.

We’ve got a lot of stuff coming our way this week, so we need our sleep. Nature and us are doing well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,