Woody’s Word 1st July 2023

Posted: July 1 2023

“To acquire knowledge, one must study. To acquire wisdom, one must observe”.

It was back to normal today, and by normal, I mean Big Ten and King of the Camp. By getting back to normal, it allows us to get back to structure, and everyone loves structure. People think they don’t like structure, routine, and rules, but actually we all love structure, routine and rules. Without them we would have chaos and anarchy, and who wants that?

The only ‘abnormal’ thing that happened today was that the two weeker campers who left. We were sorry to see them go, but they have had a taste of camp now, so those two weeks might well turn into four weeks (or maybe eight) next year. We hope they have had a good time (they said they did), so thank you, parents, for sending them to camp this summer.

This evening the Senior Cabin are out on the town, while the rest of the camp are in the mess hall at Casino Night. This is the evening where we teach the boys how to gamble (I’m kidding, of course: they already seem to know how to do that, haha). The 14 year olds traditionally run this event. They like to dress up in dark glasses and jackets and make a big thing of it. And it is Saturday night!

We’re just about to close it down now, though. Tomorrow is Lazy Day, which is just as well as people are tired. Tired, but happy, so all is well; let’s safely rest.

Goodnight everybody

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,