Woody’s Word (6/29/19) – A Day at the Lake

Posted: June 29 2019

Camp Cast

You are in for a treat tonight! On this double ep of the pod I am joined by Senior Cabin members Xander Schiller and Max Beermann. We discuss the Sun & Wind finale, our first beach party of 2019 and debut (and probably conclude) a new segment “Deals with Xander”. Enjoy!

Woody’s Word – Hotter Than Florida!

‘I have survived to middle age with my wits intact, while thousands have died with all theirs intact. Evidently, quality of wits is more important than quantity’.   Claudius (on being called a half-wit).

Phew, that was a hot one! 87 degrees this afternoon, so we put the schedule on hold and had a beach party instead. Flexibility is the key to camping, especially when it is as hot as it has been today. And the heat has not abated this evening. It’s still in the mid 70s, and there is little, if any, air conditioning coming off the lake. I mean it is still and calm and clear. A perfect night for star gazing, though.

This evening we went to the Three Lakes ski show. One of our waterfront staff is involved with the Aqua Devils, so we thought we would take the whole camp over there to offer some support for her. She really appreciated it, and the setting – just outside Three Lakes – was delightful. We’ve never done that before as a group, so this was a CM first.

The beach party after lunch was just what we needed. It was really too hot to do much else. We had all the toys out, and all the boats going: sunscreen, water, sunshine. Great time!!

Some of the cabins have just got out of the mess hall after an impromptu pizza party. “Saturday night at the mess hall….” (the Drifters?). What these boys will do for a Dina Mia.

And so ends another day and another week. We seem to have packed so much in, and we have so much more to come next week (trip week). Two weeks gone, and all is well, and we’re all going to safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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