WOODY’S WORD 8th July 2013

Posted: August 10 2013

‘Don’t cry because it’s all over, laugh and rejoice that it happened at all’. ANON

What a great summer!! We finished late on the final evening – as is the norm’ – what with the bonfire and the awards and the talking. Of course there were tears as it was the end, but there were also plenty of laughs as the most memorable parts of the summer were recalled and rehashed. There ere many of those, hence the late finish, and there will be many more next year I’m sure. Yes folks, we are already looking forward to the summer of 2014 when we would like to do it all over again. And there is so much to do. Trips, British and American, Green and White, Kawaga competition, skits, learning new things, Town day and making new friends. We did all that and more this summer and we want to do all that and more next year too. If you’d like to do it with us then sign up and jump on board; we’d love to have you.

I would like to thank you – the parents – for sending your boys to this camp and entrusting us with them. We know that there are so many more things you can do for the summer, and so many other camps you could choose from, but we are glad that you chose Menominee for your son’s camping experience. We believe in what we do here, and while everyone will have their own experience, we will not stop trying to be the best and provide the best for the boys in our care.

We have had a great summer up her in the North Woods. We hope that you have had a great summer wherever you have been. I know that the CM family is spread far and wide around the world and I’m sure all those family members would like to see those camp fires burning brightly for many years to come. We shall keep them burning because there is a lot of camping still to do.

I am sad that it is all over, but I am so happy that it happened at all, so I will not cry. Besides, all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,