Woody’s Word: July 6, 2021

Posted: July 6 2021

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone”
Welcome back for the ‘it rained almost all day’ edition of the Word. It’s funny how the weather can change so dramatically, going from extreme heat to cool and wet in just a few hours. That said, the rain is what we need after drought-like conditions this past week. Now the place feels green and fresh again, and that’s got to be good.
Trip week began today with the Senior cabin heading out on their white water rafting expedition. Indeed, it was the only trip that got out on time. The canoe trips that were planned for this afternoon have been postponed – probably until tomorrow – so we enacted  plan B for the rest of the day. This included lunch inside (we’ve been eating on picnic tables outside for the most part this year), and then a first of the summer, musical chairs. This is an all-camp affair, including counsellors, and it’s a pretty fun and intense way to spend an hour or so. Once again it was the campers (primarily the younger ones) who prevailed, being way more nimble and fleet of foot between the chairs than the older guys. As the rain eased, we did manage to get outside for a bit before dinner, but after that, Mother Nature was determined to have her way with us. So plan C this evening saw us gather in Wasserman Hall (while the CITs dined out at Jason’s house). This was a hastily convened Movie Night, a skit presentation in which the cabins had to prepare a new ending to a movie. What it really is though, is an opportunity for the campers to imitate the staff in what effectively becomes Imitation Night. But they do a good job, and it’s all taken in good faith.
And still it rained as we headed to canteen. As a treat tonight, we let the boys watch game one of the NBA finals – with their canteen. And for those whose interest in basketball extends to picking up a stray ball from the grass and returning it to the basketball court, there was a bit of free play until we all got together to end the day in Wasserman Hall.
As I write this, the CITs have returned from their dinner date, and they have joined the 14 year old’s in the lodge to watch the remainder of the basketball game.
And still it rains, but all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!
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