A Northwoods ‘Friendly’

Posted: July 2 2016

Good evening everybody! Jason here filling in for Woody this evening. I promise he will be back to his inspiring quoting ways tomorrow evening. Tonight, you get me.

Throughout the summer, we spend a lot of time challenging one another. Our cabins vie for first place in cabin cleanup and a trip to dairy queen. Our league teams fight hard to take home the championship trophies. Green and White teams battle for camp supremacy. Our boys attempt to perform the funniest and most original skits on the stage in Wasserman Hall each night. With all the intra-camp competition, it is a thrill to proudly wear our Green Menominee shirts and compete as one team: Team Menominee.

Today we got our first taste of inter-camp competition against Camp Timberlane. Our boys played soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis, archery, riflery and ultimate frisbee and boy did they fight hard. We always stress how important it is to be a Menominee Man and display the characteristics of the Menominee Way in everything we do. Our boys did just that today and we are so proud of them. We had break-a-way goals, sharpshooters, home runs and even a Senior soccer match that went to penalty kicks. All the while our boys had a smile on their face and were true sportsmen in every sense of the word. Of course, that is easy when we get together with Timberlane. They are always a pleasure to compete with and their campers and staff were true gentlemen.

The boys were exhausted this evening so we opened camp up for some free play and rest and relaxation time. Then we gathered in Wasserman Hall for the boys to share stories about the day. The 12 and unders went to Timberlane and the 13 and overs were at Menominee, and it is always fun for the boys to talk about all the great things they accomplished that day and share with the group.

The Seniors, however, are not even finished with their night! They are playing the Senior MCAA League Basketball Championships on the Mike Dunleavy Jr. Courts under the lights.

All else is well here. Safely rest.

For the Love of Camp – Jason


Woody's Word,