British and American is still wide open

Posted: July 7 2014

‘Advice is something the wise don’t need and the fool won’t take’.

We’ve enjoyed a mixture of British and American and free play today. The B & A stuff included Land and Water events and capture the energy source. I don’t have an exact score update at the moment, but I know it is close and it will, in all probability, go down to the last game tomorrow.
As I write this edition of the Word the boys are getting ready for their campfire – Dance Night – in which they have to dance – as a cabin – to a track of their choice on stage in Wasserman Hall. The idea is that the more people from the cabin who participate (including counselors) the better the cabin will do when it comes to judging.
I’m going to go up there and watch just as soon as I’m done here.
Things are almost on auto pilot now as we get underway with week 4.
All is well on this balmy evening, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,