Lovin’ Life

Posted: August 5 2015

‘Can you get any better than doing what you love and loving what you do’?

Taps blew just 15 mins ago after we drove home from Camp Agawak for girls over in Minocqua. What a great camp that is. The boys really love to socialize with the ladies there. It’s always a pleasure.
Prior to that it was Green and White for most of the day. Creatively Acquire the Energy Source and Sing practice this morning, and then Menominee Monopoly straight after lunch, followed by leagues and a short(ish) General to finish the day off and give the boys a chance to shower and spruce themselves up for the social.
The Sing is a big deal. It is a huge camp tradition, and one that I hope will endure for years to come. Both Green and White teams have to sing three songs up on stage in front of everyone else. Their Sing will have a theme and will be presented by the Senior cabin members. Most of the boys are reluctant to practice and rehearse – am I right alumni? – and all of the boys hate to lose the Sing. Is there a lesson in there somewhere?
Another great day at CM, and another one headed our way real soon. In between times – as it gets nice and cool and fresh – is sleep time. Rest and sleep is what I need, and I can do so safely as all is well.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,