No More Heatwave

Posted: July 28 2016

‘Listen to the falling rain, listen to it fall….’

The very thing that I prophesied yesterday came to pass today. We started off wet and despite something of a respite around lunch and just after, the rain has been hard and consistent. Indeed, as I write this, it continues to fall. The good news is that it WILL stop before we wake everyone at 7.30 tomorrow morning, so we will be able to get the competition underway and do the Thursday stuff as planned.

So we had to punt today and make the best of what outdoor time we could get. It meant that we could practice a bit more and make absolutely sure that we are as ready as we can be. And I think we are. The fields are a bit soggy, but for football and soccer that should be ok. I’m hoping that the predicted early morning sun will get to work on the courts and the BBSD (which is prone to flooding between 1st and 2nd), so that we can get going with everything, on time, at 10am.

I can tell you that taps has just blown, and for the first time this summer the boys are in bed super early. I know that their tired bodies will appreciate a good 10 hours sleep tonight. So will I! They have been working hard these past two days, so they deserve some extra rest.

It might be wet tonight, but all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,