Super Summer Second Session

Posted: July 13 2014

‘The best thing that you can bring back from your travels is yourself, unscathed’. Anon

The second session at CM got underway with the arrival of the buses at 3.00 this afternoon. Hi everyone; my name is WOODY and I shall be your blog host and connection with everything that happens at camp this summer. WOODY’S WORD is written every night by my good self as a means of keeping you parents – and anyone else who is interested – abreast of all that we do here. There are also the pictures that we put up every morning (10.00CDT), and you can access those through Bunk 1 (approval code EEFKJRAN). So there should be plenty to keep you going over the next few weeks, and plenty of ways to stay in touch.
Can I just say, at this juncture, what a pleasure it has been to have all the first-session boys here for the past four weeks. We’ve had a lot of fun and done a lot of stuff and we plan on doing much the same over the next four weeks of July/August. Of course, none of this would be possible without your continued help and support. We believe in what we do here, and that is part of the reason why so many boys have been a part of the Menominee experience over the years. Indeed, many of you parents out there were once campers here yourself, so you are helping to continue a long tradition of camping up here in the North Woods. So let me please thank you, on behalf of all the staff at the Friendly Confines, for entrusting us with your boys this summer. I’m sure the pleasure will be all ours.
The admin’ stuff has been completed (sign-up for leagues and instructional activities) and Koz, our long established waterfront director (41 years and counting) has just given his waterfront safety meeting. Right now the boys are taking their showers and we will then be heading into Wasserman Hall for the candy party, sugar blow-out. This is a grand, old tradition whereby we can get all that junk out of the cabins and out of all the hiding places, so that we can move on and up. Candy has it’s place – who doesn’t like chocolate? – but just not in the cabins. We will have plenty to eat in what could be the finest mess hall in the North Woods, so no-one will be going hungry this summer.
I will tell you a lot more about this place and what we do here over the coming days and weeks, but for now, all is well, so safely rest.
Goodnight everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,