Posted: August 4 2015

‘Smiles are to humans what sunshine is to flowers’.

And the sun is back this morning after the rain we got last night. Trying to get a computer connection in those circumstances is all but impossible, but the skies are clear right now, so here I am.
I’ve just taken a walk down to the waterfront and it is like animal olympics out there. At every turn and every step squirrels and chipmunks run hither and thither, either on their way somewhere very important (and in a hurry) or simply scattering before the human invader of their early-morning fun and games. Nature is great, and there is a lot of nature up here.
Yesterday (I shall write in the past tense this morning to make it easier for us all) saw Green and White get properly underway. This meant that the squirt ‘guns’ were out for Vroom. The guns are no more than squeezy bottles filled with coloured water, but they are something the boys can’t wait to get their hands on. Vroom is a game played all over camp, the object of which is to capture certain strategically placed flags, while avoiding the ignominy of being squirted. It was close – as these games so often are – and the Whites drew first blood with a narrow 6 to 5 win.
In the afternoon it was the Counselor Hunt. That is pretty straightforward, in as much as the counselors hide and the guys have to find them. Each counselor is worth a certain number of points (dependent on their number of years at camp) and, as I like to get involved in this game, I was worth 25 points. They were gunning for me then as the half-hour hunting time was sounded. However, for whatever reason I remained hidden in my special spot, hidden for another year at least.
Twilight league took centre stage in the evening and then we did a live version of Ask the Director in Wasserman Hall.
The early-to-bed came at just the right time, just as the heavens opened, so all was well, and we are safely rested.
Good Morning everybody.
As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,