Woody’s Word 30th June 2023

Posted: June 30 2023

“Doing nothing IS an option”.

Not that we did nothing today. We had competition today! Camp Timberlane were the opposition, and we played both here and there. The Timberlane competition involves sports that we don’t usually play with the other camps (and our big competition in the second session), so this was an opportunity to get so many of the boys playing. On the menu were ultimate frisbee, spike ball, pickle ball, basketball and climbing. On a beautiful, sunny afternoon we kicked things off with ultimate and climbing. It’s a running joke here that whenever we play Timberlane it rains: but not today! The weather was perfect for some outdoor sports, and then a jump in the lake at the end of the afternoon. I’d love to tell you the outcome of the day, but I am still awaiting all the results. I’ll get those to you tomorrow.

This evening we had a proper skit night, Movie Imitation Night. This is supposed to be opportunity to poke fun at, or mimic some of the big movies of the day, but it invariably turns into an imitation night of the counsellors, but that’s ok. We do have a real imitation night later in the summer, and that is the time when we find out who has been paying attention, and who some of our more popular staff are. We do NOT allow the boys to imitate each other because we believe that a line has been crossed at that point, but we, in the office, are fair game. I’ve been doing this long enough to have developed a very thick skin and a great sense of humour, so if they can do a Woody or a Jason or a Toombs on stage, then bring it on!!

As some of the campers are leaving tomorrow – five, two week guys – we had an all-camp pizza party after the end of skit night. Offer these guys pizza at 9.30pm and they go crazy. Dina Mia is currency here, and there was not one piece left after they ploughed through 35 well-cooked pizzas. Such is camp life.

For those of us (the vast majority) who are staying, we do so in the full knowledge that all is well, so we will safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever….WOODY!

Woody's Word,