Woody’s Word 20th July 2023

Posted: July 20 2023

“Thinking up the Theory of Relativity was easy. Proving it was next to impossible.” Albert Einstein

The storm that dominated last night’s proceedings, also took out the internet, and thus The Word. Internet connectivity is not what it might be in the Northwoods, although it is getting better. And to think that we put men on the moon over 50 years ago, and yet here we are struggling with a few wires here on earth in 2023. Ho hum.

The storm gave us its best shot as we partied with the ladies over at Camp Agawak, in Minocqua. It was more rain than anything else. We did get a few good thunderclaps, but they went largely unnoticed as we danced the evening away in the comfort of their indoor facility. The boys had a great time, despite the weather, and they are already looking forward to their next social (whenever that will be).

This morning was picture day. The clouds remained, but the rain kept away. It was actually quite good weather for standing on the risers for 20 minutes. With almost 250 people to get in the picture, we managed to get it done pretty quickly, and as this is the picture that will hang in the Mess Hall for evermore, it was important to get it right. And we did.

The clouds eventually dispersed to produce the cool, clear evening that is unfolding before my very eyes as I look out of the door to the office as I write this Word. Perfect sleeping weather! The boys are in Wasserman Hall as I write this. They are enjoying the first real campfire of the second session, Commercial Night (aka Imitation Night). It’s the time to shine for those of a more artistic bent: for those who like the ‘stage spotlight’ upon them, and with 30 new campers this session, it’s our time to see what new talent is amongst us. From what I saw – I as watched the first few skits – it looks as if the talent scouts have not failed us this year. And this bodes well for the future. And that’s what I’m thinking about, as that is where I intend to spend the rest of my life.

And if the future is well, then all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody

As ever…WOODY!


Woody's Word,