Woody’s Word 27th June 2023

Posted: June 27 2023

“Youth would be an ideal state if only it came later in life”.

My apologies for not posting the Word the last couple of nights, but the internet gremlins were at work once again. But I’m back in business tonight, so here goes.

I’m writing this as the boys are outside playing Midnight Manhunt. It’s dark, I know, but with a flashlight and a ‘ring of fire’ to run into, this is a camp favourite. This is the first game of the Sun and Wind competition, a competition that sees counsellors compete alongside the boys. We will be doing this for the next three days, and it looks as if the weather will be with us while we play.

Earlier this evening, we had a travelling wrestling show visit the Friendly Confines. They set up their ring on the near basketball court, and at 7pm exactly the show began. The boys had a great time, which was made even more so, when two of our counsellors attempted to enter the ring to have their own fight. It was at this point that Jason got involved to separate them, and announced that Sun and Wind would begin. What a great, unexpected start to Sun and Wind 2023.

But before all this fun this evening, we had had a normal camp day, which meant Big Ten instructional in the morning, followed by King of the Camp this afternoon. It’s been a hot one, so we had a ton of people in Sand Lake by late afternoon.

We are starting our trips tomorrow as the CITs head to the Dells. Yes, it’s that time of the summer already: trip time.

With 15 minutes of the game left tonight, I’m happy to say that all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight Everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,