WOODY’S WORD 5th July 2013

Posted: July 5 2013

‘We do not cease to play because we grow old; we grow old because we cease to play’. GEORGE BERNARD SHAW

It was competition day today as we played Camp Timberlane in a variety of sports. The 12 and under boys stayed here and the 13 and over went to Woodruff. It was our first competition of the summer and we ended the day all tied up at 7 events each. The younger boys did us proud here at CM winning everything save for the soccer – and even that was close by the odd goal in 7. More importantly the boys had fun; they played the way we like them to play with sportsmanship and endeavor, playing hard but fair with the right attitude. Way to go guys!

We had dinner late as a result of the competition which meant that we took it easy this evening. After canteen we played Let’s Make a Deal in Wasserman Hall with Monty Hall himself (aka Steve). This is one of those campfires that the boys really enjoy. They can get crazy with it and win some great prizes.

Tomorrow we get back into British and American with a whole slew of mouth- watering events to enjoy.

The heatwave continues by the way. 85 this afternoon and it felt like it. But better than clouds and rain. All is well folks, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever…WOODY!


Woody's Word,