Woody’s Word (6/20/19) – Thursday Already

Posted: June 20 2019

The Camp Cast

On this very special episode of the podcast Jason is thrilled to welcome Cabin 17 residents Aaron Pelts and Jack Berger. They recap another outstanding day at Camp Menominee which also happened to be Jack’s birthday! Enjoy!

Woody’s Word – Thursday Already

‘No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible’.

How do you follow popcorn Wednesday? Just have fun on another great day! That’s how.

We are getting into our stride now as everyone just gets on with it and enjoys the good weather and the great facilities. Like a warmed-up engine, we are cruising now. We have a lot of camping to do this session, so we are pacing ourselves (as the wise old bull would sagely suggest) lest we burn out.

The day was full of Big Ten and King of the Camp; a very regular day. I spent an hour this afternoon helping the maintenance guys, Craig and Joe, sweep sand into the new golf green. An awful lot of work has gone into the 5thgreen so far: 10,000 pounds of sand; a rubber mat and astro turf. It looks good, and is the best addition to camp this summer.

After dinner this evening we let the boys enjoy a little free-play, which included watching the NBA draft if they wanted to. That proved very popular indeed. Some of them spent some time prepping for the campfire this evening, Soccer Celebration. A campfire at CM does not, necessarily, involve an actual fire. Rather, it is the name we give to our evening programme that usually takes place in Wasserman Hall. Tonight, each cabin had to come up with a short skit about how they might celebrate the scoring of a goal in a soccer match. The younger guys, in particular, had great fun with this one. The Senior Cabin and the CITs are out on the town tonight, probably at a movie, so I’m sure they’re having great fun doing that.

And now it’s almost time for Taps; an early one! Everyone is pretty tired already, but all is well, so safely rest. I will.

Goodnight Everybody.

As ever…WOODY!

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