Woody’s Word (6/22/19) – Where Has the Week Gone?

Posted: June 22 2019

Good evening everybody! Jason here – we are giving Woody the night off. Well, not so much the night off, but he is spending tonight hanging out and reading to Cabin 4. It is a true honor when Woody comes to read to a cabin. They should sleep well tonight. As such, for this evening we will just have the podcast. Sorry to disappoint, but my strengths lie more in the spoken word than the written one, so I won’t even try to match Woody’s prominent prose.

Tonight is an extra special episode of the podcast. I am lucky enough to have the second set of brothers in the studio this summer….The Namordis! Third year camper Josh (Ice Man) and his brother Eli (here for his first year) sit down with me to talk activities, the value of breakfast and one of Woody’s favorite camp fires ‘Dear Sir’. This is not one that you want to miss!

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