Woody’s Word 8th July 2023

Posted: July 8 2023

“Try to find something positive in every day, even if, on some days, you have to look a little harder.”

Our last Saturday of the first session, and what a great day, (although it was spoilt, for me at least, as Mark Cavendish crashed out of the Tour de France). We started out with some of the King of the Camp action in what has become a classic game, Relic Recon’. With four teams in King of the Camp, and lots of points to play for, this was not a game for the faint hearted. Lots of relics had to be found and retrieved, with penalty points taken into consideration, so as of writing tonight, I am still awaiting the final result.

This afternoon we went about some pin testing. In our Big Ten activities, the boys can be tested in bronze, silver and gold, and if the meet the necessary criteria for each pin (badge), so that is what they will be awarded. While this was going on, our counsellors were doing us proud over at Camp Kawaga as they returned home victorious after a hard-fought win on the volleyball court. This was our first proper competition of the summer, and it turned out well for the guys in green. A good omen, I hope.

Just before dinner, the heavens opened and camp got a good soaking. And I mean IT RAINED pretty good for fully 25 mins. We had to delay dinner as a result, but we got there, in the dry, eventually. And then what a beautiful evening for baseball (softball, Twilight League actually).

And so to bed on a Saturday night. We do get to lie-in tomorrow as it’s Lazy Day, but it’s also a busy day for various reasons. We have made it this far, and all is well, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody

As ever…WOODY!

Woody's Word,