Woody’s Word (August 2, 2018) – Where Did the Sun Go?

Posted: August 3 2018

Where did the sun go?

‘Be a good listener. Unlike your mouth, your ears will never get you in trouble’.   Frank Tyger

The Green comeback continues! On one of the coolest days of the summer thus far, the teams took to the field in sweatpants and long sleeves to Creatively Acquire the Energy Source this morning. It went to the third game of three before the Green team ran out winners in what proved to be a very close game indeed. When the boys play this hard, with so much enthusiasm and energy, it is hard to have to accept a loss. But only one team can prevail. I don’t buy this nonsense about not losing, but winning because you played well and gave your all. It’s positive spin taken too far I think. If you do not record more points or goals than your opponent, then you have lost the game. Period. You might have played well; you might have played to the best of your ability; you might have nothing left to give, and for all of that you must be given credit, but the scoreboard does not lie. If you scored 1 and your opponent 2 then you have lost the game. Deal with it! This is something we try and instill in our boys – your boys – so that they will be able to better handle the vicissitudes of life as they grow and mature. They will win, sometimes, and they will lose, sometimes, and it is how they deal with those wins and losses that is of interest to us here this summer.So there will be more wins and losses to come tomorrow as we head toward the culmination of the competition and the Relay on Tuesday.

We took a break from Green and White this afternoon to play some MCAA league action. Those leagues need to be wrapped up and some winners found. Bear and Buffalo leagues have now been completed with Jayhawk and Tiger to follow in the next couple of days.

After dinner the boys went searching for counsellors in the Green and White Counsellor Hunt. I’m happy to say that yours truly remained unfound, although some boys came close. I cannot, of course, tell you where I hide except to say that my spot affords me a birds eye view of the hunt as it unfolds around me. Points are awarded based upon the longevity of service of the counsellor found. So there are some big points available with so many of the staff having been here for so long now. I’m awaiting the results to be tallied for this event, so more on this tomorrow.

Our camp-fire after flag this evening was Rock Band. This is an opportunity for the talented singers and musicians amongst us to get up on stage and shine. We had 7 year old’s and 60 year old’s doing there thing, and what a thing it was. We were definitely good listeners tonight.

And now I’m beat as the clock fast approaches 11,30pm But all is well, beat or not, so safely rest.

Goodnight everybody.

As ever….WOODY!

Woody's Word,