Woody’s Word (June 25, 2018) – C!…M!…C!…M!

Posted: June 25 2018

Good evening everybody! I feel like I am repeating myself, but we (well most of us) just finished up another perfect day at camp. I think we have had more new waterskiers this year than we have had clouds in the sky. I say most of us because as I type, some of our 12 year old cabins are getting ready to “sneak out” our youngest campers living in Cabin 3 and Cabin 4. They are going to take the little guys on a scavenger hunt then to a fire for some s’mores. Usually our counselors are the ones that plan these type of sneak out’s, but our intermediates really wanted to do something fun for the juniors, which I think is exactly what we are looking for when we talk about the Menominee Way. I’m so proud of our guys for having the desire to get involved with our youngsters like this. I might sneak down to the fire and grab a s’more with the boys after I finish updating you all on our amazing day at camp.

We are into out third rotation of Big Ten activities and the boys are really showing signs of skill improvement and development. King the Camp is heating up as well. The Knights have a narrow 10 point lead on the Phoenix, but there is a lot of playing to do with a swim meet, track meet and many other sports and activities yet to come. This evening, we got back into some Twilight League action after a few days off. The Junior game ended 17-16 on a walk-off play in the bottom of the 7th!

Finally, we were just in Wasserman Hall participating in New Chant/Cheer night at camp. Each year we like to give our boys a chance to show their CM Spirit and bring a new chant or cheer we can use going forward. This night has brought us some of our favorites including “Green and White! Fight, Fight Fight!” This evening, the young guys in Cabin 4 took the title with a chant/rap organized by their counselor Adam and executed perfectly by the group. However, the CITs brought the house down with a CM version of Iceland’s “Skol” chant and our own spin on the Gator Chomp. I can definitely see those being used for years to come.

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We just played Taps over the PA system signaling the end of another spectacular day. All is well at camp. Safely rest. Goodnight everybody.

For the Love of Camp – Jason

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